Design & Tradition

In our Lyon workshops, we perpetuate the fine tradition of the upholsterer’s profession. Curtains, cushions, bedspreads, reproduction armchairs and contemporary sofas – all crafted by the best artisans – depart to furnish the world’s most beautiful interiors.

A unique savoir-faire

Championing and illustrating the upholsterer’s profession calls for constant attention to detail. Besides the perfection required for the finishing of drapes and furnishings, other more unexpected factors apply: working clothes in the company’s colors, immaculate delivery vans, specific covers to protect furniture and floors during work at the client’s address, the systematic ironing of drapes after installation – little touches that are appreciated by the most demanding clients. Awarded the French “Living Heritage Company” (EPV) label, Jouffre also aspires to be a hotbed of the finest artisan upholsterers. The company’s employees are trained in-house, supported, and encouraged. The upshot is success: to date, Jouffre staff have earned three Best Apprentice of France awards and one Best Craftsman of France award.

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At Jouffre, an understanding of art history is melded with respect for lines and proportions. Each upholsterer possesses equal mastery of traditional and contemporary techniques, and treats sofas and chairs with the utmost care.

Whether restoring a period chair or finishing a contemporary design, each detail is preciously highlighted, with comfort that is ever more advanced, subtle, and resistant – and, at all times, wholly in keeping with the sketch supplied by the interior designer or product designer.

Window treatment

From virtuoso reception rooms at the Élysée Palace to the main foyer of the Paris Opera House, Jouffre helps to sustain the sense of wonder stirred by the mythical buildings of the Second Empire. The company works closely with the finest interior designers, alongside whom they develop the most improbable décors, whether eighteenth century, nineteenth century, or extremely up-to-date. Each décor is thus specifically designed and “mocked up” in the workshops before being made and installed at the client’s address.

Jouffre’s upholsterers (seamstresses and quilters) master to perfection the art of fine handicraft, both traditional and contemporary. Whether a drape, a curtain, a blind, a bedspread or simply a cushion; an application of trim, some embroidery or a subtle play of pleats, each execution and each detail is designed with the greatest of care. Our onsite upholsterers then take over, fitting the crafted product with infinite dexterity, at addresses all over the world. Classic or contemporary décors, electric mechanisms (we resell Silent Gliss, G-Rail, Somfy....) for blinds and curtains… each installation is organized with extreme attention to detail.

Wall-upholstery & Gainage

The art of stretched fabric, widespread from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, is enjoying a revival. Its thermal and acoustic properties are today appreciated and sought after by the finest interior designers. Jouffre has thus acquired advanced expertise in this area, so that they may transform any room – traditional or contemporary – into a haven of peace where elegance is blended with the calm and subdued atmosphere that one expects.

Gainage is a specific technique developed by Jouffre, and today recognized worldwide. This finish, which consists of covering furniture (wardrobes, beds, chairs…) or any type of molding (cornices, casings, picture rails, clear paneling...), is increasingly in demand. It emphasizes forms and the most sophisticated cabinetry detailing, be it traditional and contemporary. Jouffre’s upholsterers devote all their passion to crafting the most ambitious gainages – in linen, alcantara, silk velvet, or leather.


Once these sumptuous décors and curtains have been created, it is time to install them with all the delicacy and savoir-faire that this entails. Jouffre’s creative and technical savoir-faire is also expressed onsite – creating folds and pleats, or refining the drape of a curtain. This is why, for the past thirty years, Jouffre has been training high-class onsite upholsterers capable of fitting curtains, décors, blinds and track systems, but also any type of electrical equipment (Jouffre is a reseller for Lutron, Somfy, G-Rail, and Silent Gliss, among others).

The JOUFFRE adventure

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Year of establishment

Having worked with the world’s most demanding decorators, Charles Jouffre establishes Jouffre in Lyon, birthplace of the silkstuffs industry.


Paris Showroom

A showroom in Jouffre’s colors. A pared-down style where savoir-faire and French luxury fuse to offer an unprecedented experience.


Projects in New York

Having collaborated with many European professionals, Jouffre sets up a US base. The objective? Assist its clients on their American projects, and undertake new collaborations with New York designers and architects.


Paris Opera House

The refurbishment of the main foyer of the Paris Opera House is another challenge embraced with brio. The project has left an indelible memory among the Jouffre team.


“Living Heritage Company”

Jouffre was one of the first French companies to be awarded the prestigious “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label of excellence. The label was re-awarded in 2012.


Elysée Palace

For Le Mobilier National, France’s state furnishings institution, Jouffre made curtains, festoons, drapes and pelmets in silk damask supplied by Prelle for the President’s official residence, the Élysée Palace. These were all embellished with rigorously recreated embroidery and trimming, identical to the existing furnishings. This gargantuan project, completed in 2011, remains a landmark in the company’s history.


A new workshop in New York

Jouffre stepped up its American presence, moving into a workshop of about 5,400 sq ft and hiring a number of craftsmen. In the space of two years, the New York team grew from five to eleven staff, who today produce every aspect of the firm’s American projects.


Charles Jouffre decorated with the Légion d’Honneur

In October 2014, Charles Jouffre was decorated with the Légion d’Honneur in the grand reception hall of the Hôtel Le Meurice. This distinction was presented to him by Jean-Michel Delisle, director of the Maison Delisle, master bronze and iron workers.


New York-based Par Excellence showroom opening

The address where the finest French artisans display their exceptional know-how serving high-end decoration.
Located at the heart of the emblematic district of Chelsea which gathers some of New York major art galleries, the Par Excellence showroom promotes to the American market the savoir-faire of the biggest French luxury artisans.


Establishing a new workshop and office in a 11,000 sq ft space in New York

Following their continuous activity growth in New York, Jouffre decided to move their workshop to a new location in Long Island City in February 2017. Located near the Queensborough Bridge, this new address is only one stop away from Lexington Avenue.

Like the workshop in Lyon, this new space of 11,000 sq ft is a great opportunity to welcome more talents in the company. It is entirely new and modern, and designed in such a way that it can both fit artisans’ needs and guarantee their comfort.


Renovation of Lyon workshop

After three months of summer work, Lyon site have changed and open to great luminous spaces rise to exceptional projects those workshops involved since 1987.


Jouffre sets up in Morocco

Jouffre, which already has workroom in Lyon and New York, will continue its development and wishes to make a workroom available in Morocco, a wonderful country which has developed its arts and crafts much like France.


New workrooms in New York

In November 2021, we inaugurated our new premises in Long Island, about fifteen minutes away from Manhattan. This move marks a major step in the history of our workrooms with the idea of being part of a very long term project. Larger and brighter work spaces enhance the quality of life of our teams and allow us to welcome our customers in the best conditions.


Jouffre and Souchet unite their savoir-faire

To continue accompanying our growing numbers of clients who chose to work with us, we needed to include a seat carpenter. After much consideration based on the prowess of our historic partner Nicolas Souchet, it was evident that the opportune choice was to form a partnership with him. Last September, we realized our wishes and entered Souchet’s capital at 49%.



Architecture, art and design are combined to create worlds with ideal esthetics... The leading interior decorators and designers enlist Jouffre to assist their quest for sublime everyday settings.

Juan Pablo Molyneux Pierre Yovanovitch Olivier Gossart Robert Couturier DRAKE/ANDERSON Lally & Berger

Juan Pablo Molyneux

Hôtel Claude Passart
Townhouse – France

Pierre Yovanovitch

Chalet in Andermatt
Private residence – Switzerland

Olivier Gossart

Hôtel K2
Hotel – France

Robert Couturier

Apartment on Fifth Avenue
Private residence – USA


Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2016
Exhibition – USA

Lally & Berger

Suite Pompadour
Palace – France

The workshops

Materially expert

From Paris, Rabat to New York, Jouffre perpetuates the fine tradition of the upholsterer’s profession, blending know-how and French luxury.


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