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Our values

At Jouffre, creativity means feeling free to create, co-create, collaborate with talented interior designers and help them bring their vision to life. Always challenge the status quo and find innovative solutions for continuous improvement.

At Jouffre, perseverance is the determination to take on the boldest challenges to achieve ever more ambitious goals. It means believing in one's abilities and putting in the effort required to make a project a success, without ever giving up.

At Jouffre, transference is the sharing of savoir-faire and knowledge which perpetuate the great tradition of the craft that drives us. It also means teaching our skills to new employees who join us so that they can improve, grow and train the best artisans. It also means transmitting the information, making sure it is available to the team and we are not holding it alone.

At Jouffre, rigor is what each individual imposes on themselves in their work to strive for perfection. It means pushing the limits of one's craft, profession, techniques, and methods every day.

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CSR, Health and Safety Officer | Intern / Appenticeship Lyon | QHSE

CSR plays an essential role in our global company strategy, and we'd like to reinforce our actions by recruiting a talented and motivated intern or apprentice to support us in this approach!

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Job description

Your main objective during this internship / apprenticeship will be to support us in the development of a CSR approach already initiated in France and New York. You will also have an important role to play in improving our Health & Safety Management System.


- Support the development of our CSR approach within all our entities (France, USA, Morocco).
- Complete and animate the CSR action plans established internally.
- Identify in-house CSR practices and collect related data and documentation.
- Participate in the adaptation and improvement of existing practices.
- Train and lead working groups on the various pillars of CSR.
- Carry out a complete analysis of the company's CSR performance through the preparation of an annual CSR report.
- Accompany, advise and raise employee awareness of CSR issues (if possible, depending on the time you have available).
- Search for possible CSR labels and/or certifications.


- Participate in updating our "DUERP" in Lyon and in the creation of the "DUERP" in Paris.
- Carry out an internal diagnostic to assess our compliance with health and safety standards and regulations.
- Monitor and lead the company's health and safety action plan.
- Update internal health and safety documents.

Required profile

You have an excellent analytical mind and are not afraid to learn. You are dynamic and enjoy interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds in French and English.

You are curious, agile and rigorous, and have excellent writing and oral communication skills.

You have completed a Bac +4 / Bac +5 in the field of CSR / QHSE and you have a strong appetite for sustainable development issues!

You have a perfect command of IT tools, particularly the Google suite, and a good knowledge of CSR and Health & Safety standards and regulations.

If you want to develop your skills and put them into practice in a fast-growing SME, then this internship / apprenticeship is made for you!


Start date: ASAP
Duration: 6 months minimum
Contract Type: Internship / Apprenticeship
Salary: In accordance with current legislation

Published: 09/21/2023 / Contract type: Internship / City: Lyon / Department: QHSE
General Services & Logistics Officer Lyon | Logistics & General Services

We are looking for our new General Services & Logistics Officer!

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Job description


This position has two main responsibilities:

General services (50% of the position): Your main role in General Services will be to carry out and supervise all technical checks, repairs and improvements to the workshop infrastructure and machines.

Logistics (50% of position): Your main mission in logistics will be to position yourself as the guarantor of the quality of arrivals and departures within Jouffre, and to manage the company's internal and external flows.



Carry out various first-level maintenance and repair work on premises (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.)
Carry out internal fixtures and fittings, and resolve work requests set out in the "General Services Missions" table.
Coordinate with the workshop and specialized companies, preventive actions to ensure the smooth operation of production equipment and fluids (compressed air, etc.).
Supervise the work of service providers in terms of maintenance and regulatory checks.
Monitor worksites in project mode
Monitor and share preventive maintenance planning with teams.
Propose any technical improvements that may contribute to the well-being and safety of our employees and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.


Receive and check incoming goods
Guarantee the quality of all departures (packaging/labeling/documentation)
Anticipate departures by daily monitoring of items in production at head office and garment workshops.
Monitor and manage raw material inventories (packaging, cardboard, etc.)
Draw up packing lists
Monitor and coordinate transport and installation planning
Receive incoming goods in our ERP system
Produce delivery and shipping notes
Monitor transport requests and goods departures
Work with other team members to manage the vehicle fleet
Manage the tool room (labeling, follow-up, departures, returns, maintenance, inventory, buffer zones, inventories, restocking, etc.).
Ensure the necessary procurement of all supplies

Improvement tasks

Participate in improving the management of the logistics department (flows, storage, etc.).
Seek out and propose new partners (transport, supplies).

Required profile

We're looking for an experienced General Services & Logistics Officer who is autonomous, proactive, quality-oriented and detail-oriented. This double-hatted position requires great adaptability and organizational skills!

The ideal candidate is a committed, dynamic person who's not afraid of being asked to do a lot, and who enjoys being out in the field. Your ability to manage priorities and your flexibility are your strong points!

We're looking for someone who enjoys working on a number of cross-functional projects, and who has at least 3 years' experience in the fields of electricity, fittings, plumbing and, ideally, materials handling and logistics. Your interest in safety and respect for the environment at work is appreciated!

Are you a do-it-yourselfer, rigorous, attentive and reactive, and do you like teamwork? Then this is the job for you!


Technical skills in general services (electricity, plumbing, DIY, etc.)
Electrical clearance if possible
A valid driving license is essential for this position
Ability to handle and pack high-end products is a plus
Experience driving a stacker / forklift (CACES 3 is a plus)
Experience driving a 20 m3 truck
Basic computer skills
English is a plus


Starting date : ASAP
Type of contract : Full-Time (35h)
Salary: €1800 - €2300 gross (depending on experience)

Published: 09/07/2023 / City: Lyon / Department: Logistics & General Services
Woodshop Manager New York | Woodshop

Jouffre is looking to expand its Woodshop in order to increase its frame production capacity and raise its level of quality. That's why we are looking for our future Woodshop Manager!

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Job description

As the Woodshop Manager, you'll lead and inspire your team, ensuring excellence in craftsmanship, safety, and efficiency. Responsible for overseeing high-quality woodworking projects, you will collaborate across departments, emphasize continuous improvement, and innovate with advanced fabrication techniques. Your leadership will be central to maintaining the company's vision, upholding rigorous quality standards, and fostering a culture of trust and growth within the team.


General Team Management

As a manager, you have to trust your teams and give meaning to their missions. Pass on your positive energy by setting ambitious, motivating and achievable goals that are in line with the company's vision. Animate, listen, challenge and encourage your teams to grow in a good spirit, adopting a true leadership posture. Be the driving force behind your teams' personal development, well-being and safety, in a serene and pleasant atmosphere conducive to achieving the objectives they set themselves, in line with your strategy and the company's vision.

● Develop your optimal organization and related processes
● Support your team in defining with them their long term/short term action plans
● Define and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ensure objectives are met
● Conduct individual reviews with your teams (Monthly Individual Interview for Decision and Development & Year Review)
● Create a climate of trust in the team through communication
● Make yourself available to your team and guide them towards autonomy
● Identify training needs within the team and provide opportunities for skill development
● With kindness, set your standards and expectations of involvement, and challenge your teams

Woodshop Management

● Ensure all woodworking projects meet standards and quality expectations while maintaining integrity of design details and dimensions
● Establish and enforce safety protocols and best practices to maintain a safe working environment
● Ensure compliance with all safety regulations related to woodworking equipment and materials
● Participate in weekly production planning meetings with other department managers
● Ensure efficiency and alignment with weekly planning and project allotted hours
● Maintain an efficient, precise, and organized weekly schedule for project fabrication
● Collaborating with in-house furniture designers to build the frames according to our clients’ needs
● Collaborate with Woodshop Coordinator on shop improvements
● Collaborate with Upholstery Manager on project execution, communication, and design needs/details
● Contact suppliers and looking for new ones to diversify our offer
● Monitor the various machines we have in the woodshop and make sure they're running smoothly
● Follow and maintain department budget (training and shop improvements) and specific project budgets (supplies and lumber)
● Ensure continuous woodshop training for the team (safety, best practices, new techniques, new machines and technology, etc.)
● Carry out recruitment of new woodworkers if needed


● Construct and assemble high quality hardwood upholstery frames (straight and curved)
● Fabricate using standard hand tools, power tools, and machinery
● Fabricate fine woodworking pieces using traditional and contemporary techniques
● Work with both solid wood, plywood, and veneer
● Take templates of site specific conditions as well as complex design details
● Work from shop drawings, 3D models, renderings, as well as full-scale templates to execute furniture designs
● Lift heavy materials and frames

Continuous Improvement - CNC and Ebonistry

● Pursue continuous improvements in all aspects of the woodshop missions and processes
● Develop our frame manufacturing techniques and methods
● Develop our fine woodworking abilities with solid hardwood, veneer, carving, wood bending, and cabinetry
● Develop our CNC capabilities through research, integration, training, and innovation
● Implement CNC fabrication through CAM programming, stock preparation, machine operation, and assembly

Any other tasks may appear in the position based on the company needs.

Required profile

Jouffre is on a mission to amplify our woodshop's production capacity and elevate our standards of craftsmanship. To this end, we're in search of an experienced Woodshop Manager with a minimum of 5 years of leadership in woodworking. This role demands a deep understanding of wood technology, a mastery in crafting upholstery frames using both traditional and contemporary techniques, and a proven aptitude for team management.

The candidate we envision is autonomous, proactive, and possesses an unwavering attention to quality and detail. More than just technical prowess, we're seeking a genuine team player passionate about sharing their expertise and fostering a collaborative spirit within the team.

In the dynamic environment of a swiftly growing company like Jouffre, the capacity to efficiently navigate tight schedules without compromising the caliber of work is paramount. If you believe you can rise to these challenges, we eagerly await your application.


● Expert knowledge of traditional joinery and mastery of complex shapes
● Strong knowledge of CNC technology
● Wide range of knowledge concerning wood types and their appropriate applications
● Organizational skills and ability to manage priorities
● Good computer skills such as Google Workspace
● Fluency in English, with Spanish and French as a plus
● Good knowledge in 2D and 3D drawing softwares (preferred)


Start Date: ASAP
Contract Type: Full time (40 hours per week)
Status: Non Exempt
Salary: $70K - $80K gross / year, based on experience

Published: 08/17/2023 / City: New York / Department: Woodshop
Wall Upholsterer New York | Wall Upholstery

We are looking for a new Wall Upholsterer for our workshop! Your main objective in this position will be to develop and create high quality wall upholstery in a timely manner by ensuring a solid and aesthetically installation.

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Job description

In this position, you will need to work closely with our Wall Upholstery Manager and Freelancers to transform conceptual ideas into wall covering that beautify and enrich living spaces. Your work will help elevate our products beyond functionality and transform them into functional works of art!

Wall Upholstery

- Carry site visits prior to work starting to evaluate conditions, elevations and take measurements (if necessary)
- Prepare the technical materials (wooden slats, padding) by measuring, cutting and joining to ensure they are ready for use in the wall upholstery / wall paneling or wrapping process
- Cutting and joining the fabric / leather by sewing by hand and/or by machine
- Figure out with Wall Upholstery Manager the positioning of seams and repeat (when applicable) on wall / panels
- Apply fabric / leather using French traditional wall upholstery technique
- Carry out checks at each stage of production to ensure that each wallcovering meets the company's quality standards and design specifications
- Contribute to the improvement of wall upholstery techniques by monitoring new trends, innovative materials and emerging manufacturing methods


- Making sure the surface is adequate and adjust it if necessary (sand, prime etc)
- Prepare the leather or fabric to be applied
- Wrapping with glue leather or fabric onto any requested item (panel, table, drawer front, door, shelve etc)

During lack of projects of wall upholstery, you will be working on furniture projects in the shop as part of seat upholstery team, you can have the following missions:

- Creating templates
- Cutting fabrics
- Cutting and shaping foam for seats and backs
- Making the traditional and modern seat stuffing (webbing, springs, horsehair, foam)
- Making and covering pillow and cushions
- Sewing both by hand and by machine
- Upholstering any types of furniture

Required profile

We are looking for an experienced Wall Upholsterer autonomous and proactive with strong technical skills in Wall Upholstery but also in Wrapping and Seat Upholstery! The ideal candidate will be able to work in a team and must have a real ability to transmit and share their know-how.

We are looking for a professional and respectful candidate who has a good team spirit and a responsible behavior and attitude onsite!

The right candidate must have the ability to complete jobs following a schedule, sometimes in a short time, while maintaining a high level of quality and without compromising the integrity of the job.

The right person must be able to travel across the US and internationally, sometimes for several days (a valid passport will be required).

Qualifications needed:

- A clean driving license is mandatory
- 5 years of experience required in wall upholstery
- Experience in working with leather
- English is mandatory
- Spanish and/or French are a plus
- Knowledge of seat upholstery is required
- Knowledge of window treatment and/or installation is a real plus


Start Date: ASAP
Contract Type: Full-Time (40 hours per week)
Status: Non-Exempt
Salary: $27.00 - $34.00 per hour (Based on level and experience)

Published: 08/17/2023 / City: New York / Department: Wall Upholstery
Drapery Coordinator New York | Drapery & Installation

In order to further develop and diversify our range of window treatment work, we are looking for someone to join us in our New York workshop as a Drapery Coordinator, taking on both technical and creative missions!

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Job description

As the Drapery Coordinator, you will blend technical expertise with creativity. You'll not only execute technical tasks but also embark on creative journeys. You'll oversee the creation of production sheets, detailing the technical specifics for our window treatments, and handle ordering of the necessary supplies. Simultaneously, you'll drive research and design efforts to continually evolve our drapery offerings, presenting innovative and aesthetic solutions to our clients.

Technical Responsibilities

Costing & Technical Study

● Conduct Costing & Technical Studies.
● Review client specifications to quote accurately for fabrication, supplies, hardware, and installation.
● Populate costing spreadsheets, assisting Project Managers in estimate generation.
● Refine technical studies for confirmed projects and create detailed instructions for our seamstresses.
● Visit sites for final measurements, ensuring project feasibility.
● Order drapery hardware and supplies, aligning with client specifications and technical needs.
● Prepare for installations by coordinating with our team and ensuring all tools and information are available.
● Supervise installations, ensuring perfection in execution.


● Organize and monitor outsourcing for drapery and installation.
● Perform regular visits to subcontractors, ensuring product quality.
● Source new subcontractors by touring drapery workrooms.

Creative Responsibilities

● Create technical drawings (sections, elevations, plans) as project complexity demands.
● Lead in creating sample designs to showcase Jouffre's capabilities to clients.
● Design in-house displays, illustrating customization options for clients.
● Innovate curtain designs and techniques.
● Seek new suppliers and partners for enhanced window treatment solutions.
● Explore innovative techniques for more refined, quiet, and user-friendly systems.
● Partner with unique workshops to offer fresh inspirations to clients.

Additional responsibilities may arise based on company needs.

Required profile

We seek a candidate with a minimum of 5 years' experience in project coordination, preferably within the custom window treatment and installation domain!


● Autonomous, adaptable, and proactive.
● Collaborative team player with a blend of creativity and organization.
● Exceptional interpersonal skills, with the ability to lead, motivate, and communicate with diverse profiles.
● Must be willing to travel nationally and internationally (valid passport required).


● Proficiency in window treatment and installation.
● Valid driving license.
● Genuine interest in window decoration.
● Proficient in resource, budget, and project management.
● Computer-savvy, especially with Google Workspace.
● Fluent in English; Spanish and French are advantageous.
● Familiarity with 2D and 3D drawing software is beneficial.


Starting Date: ASAP
Status: Non-Exempt
Salary: $70K - $80K gross/year

Published: 08/10/2023 / City: New York / Department: Drapery & Installation
Upholsterer - Traditionnal Upholstery Lyon | Upholstery Workshop

We are looking for an experienced upholsterer specializing in traditional upholstery.

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Job description


Using handcrafted techniques and traditional methods, your mission is to produce high-end, custom-made traditional furniture (armchairs, beds, sofas and seats) from A to Z, according to precise, defined specifications.


Working in our Lyon workshops, you will join a team of skilled craftsmen. Your mission will be to :

Create templates
Cut fabrics / leathers
Trimming with horsehair
Hand/machine sewing
Make the pocketed / stretched cover
Install finishing elements
Travel to sites for installation (France / International)

Required profile

We're looking for an experienced, autonomous and proactive upholsterer with solid technical skills in upholstery. A minimum of 5 years' experience in traditional upholstery would be a real plus, but failing that, we're looking for a genuinely motivated upholsterer who wants to train and develop in this field!

You're a dynamic, curious person with excellent interpersonal skills! Indeed, teamwork is a very strong and important concept at Jouffre.

What's more, you have a real ability to pass on and share your know-how, and a sense of responsibility. Your rigor and attention to detail are among your main qualities!


Mastery of all traditional and semi-traditional tapestry techniques is expected.
Mastery of cutting, sewing, upholstering and covering is required.
Good command and knowledge of fabrics
Versatility in upholstery / villier / confection is appreciated
English is a plus


Location: Lyon, Villeurbanne
Start date: ASAP
Type of contract : CDI
Department: Head office workshop
Experience : Ideally 5 years minimum
Salary : According to experience

Published: 08/04/2023 / City: Lyon / Department: Upholstery Workshop
Seamstress Lyon | Drapery Workshop

The Jouffre workshops are looking for a confirmed seamstress to join the team!

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Job description


To carry out all types of furniture making (curtains, blinds, window decorations, bedspreads, etc.) made to measure and of high quality, according to precise and defined specifications.


- The profile sought must master all the techniques of modern and traditional dressmaking:
- Development of decorating techniques;
- Cutting of fabrics / leathers;
- Hand and machine sewing;
- The application of trimmings;
- Finishing;
- The mastery of fabrics;

Required profile


We are looking for an autonomous and proactive upholsterer, focused on quality and attention to detail. The ideal candidate will be able to work as part of a team and will have a real capacity to listen, to transmit and to share his/her know-how. Mastery of all modern and traditional garment making techniques is required.

If you wish to join a creative workshop, participate in exceptional projects and contribute to the excellence of a company labeled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", do not hesitate to apply!

Location of the position : Lyon, Villeurbanne
Starting date : As soon as possible
Number of positions to be filled: 1
Experience : 5 years minimum
Type of contract : Fixed term contract - until July 31st 2023

Published: 04/03/2023 / City: Lyon / Department: Drapery Workshop
Experienced Upholsterer / Tapicero Experimentado New York | Upholstery Workshop

Ateliers Jouffre is in search of a skilled upholsterer to be a part of our New York team! ¡Ateliers Jouffre busca un tapicero experimentado para formar parte de nuestro equipo en Nueva York!

Apply More info
Job description


· Designing templates / Crear patrones
· Fabric cutting / Cortar telas
· Shaping foam for seats and backrests / Cortar y modelar foam para asientos y respaldos
· Crafting traditional and modern seat upholstery (webbing, springs, horsehair, foam) / Confeccionar tapicería tradicional y moderna (cinchas, resortes, crin, foam)
· Crafting and upholstering pillows and cushions / Fabricar y tapizar cojines y almohadones
· Hand and machine sewing / Costura a mano y a máquina
· Upholstering diverse furniture types / Tapizado de diversos tipos de muebles

Required profile

We seek an autonomous, proactive, and Experienced Upholsterer with profound technical upholstery expertise. The ideal individual should thrive in teamwork, with a genuine passion for imparting and sharing their knowledge. The selected candidate must consistently deliver high-quality work, even on tight schedules, without sacrificing job integrity.

Buscamos un Tapicero Experimentado autónomo y proactivo con una profunda expertise técnica en tapicería. El individuo ideal debe trabajar bien en equipo y tener una pasión genuina por compartir y transmitir sus conocimientos. El candidato seleccionado debe proporcionar trabajo de alta calidad consistentemente, incluso bajo plazos ajustados, sin sacrificar la integridad del trabajo.


· Proficient in both traditional and modern upholstery techniques / Dominio de técnicas de tapicería tradicionales y modernas
· Mastery in cutting, sewing, templating, and upholstering / Dominio en corte, costura, creación de plantillas y tapizado
· Proficiency in leather and wall upholstery is a significant advantage / El conocimiento en tapizado de cuero y paredes es una ventaja significativa
· A minimum of 10 years' experience (encompassing both new furniture crafting and reupholstery) / Mínimo 10 años de experiencia (en fabricación de muebles nuevos y retapizado)
· Fluency in English is essential, with Spanish or French as a beneficial addition / Fluidez en inglés es esencial, y el español o francés es una ventaja


Location/Lugar : Long Island City, NY
Start Date/Fecha de inicio : ASAP
Status/Situación: Non-Exempt
Salary/Salario : Commensurate with experience/Según experiencia

Published: 02/01/2023 / City: New York / Department: Upholstery Workshop
Installer Lyon | Wall-Upholstery & Installation

Jouffre is looking for an installer, dynamic and having the sense of contact to represent the company on site and carry out the installation of our various achievements, from our curtains to our sofas through our wall hangings!

Apply More info
Job description

On our building sites, in France or abroad, as well as in our Lyon workshops, you will join a team of qualified craftsmen. Your mission will consist in :

- To carry out dimensional measurements
- Install equipment / support fittings
- Install simple and elaborate confections
- Carry out work of wall hangings
- Carry out sheathing work (fabric and leather)
- Assemble, adjust and set up furniture
- Make templates, cut fabrics/leather, sew and finish
- Manage the tools in conjunction with the logistics team
- Manage your schedule and your interventions
- Make numerous trips to the site for installation

Required profile

We are looking for an autonomous and proactive upholsterer with good technical skills and knowledge in upholstery.

We are looking for a dynamic and organized person with good interpersonal skills, as teamwork is a very strong and important concept within Jouffre.

As a true ambassador of the company on its sites in France and abroad, we are looking for a candidate who attaches great importance to customer service and contributes to the high-end image of our company.

In addition, you have a real capacity to transmit and share your know-how and have a sense of responsibility. Your rigor and your attention to detail are among your main qualities!

- Mastery of all tapestry techniques is expected
- Knowing how to organize, adapt your work and work on the road is essential
- English is a real plus for this position


Starting date : ASAP
Type of contract : CDI
Experience : Beginner accepted
Salary : According to experience

Published: 02/10/2021 / City: Lyon / Department: Wall-Upholstery & Installation
Upholsterer Lyon | Upholstery Workshop

We are looking for an experienced upholsterer who will have as main mission to realize upholstered furniture (armchairs, beds, sofas and seats) on measure and high quality, according to a defined schedule of conditions.

Apply More info
Job description

In our Lyon workshops, you will join a team of qualified craftsmen. Your mission will consist of :

- Carrying out the upholstery (horsehair / foam)
- Making templates
- Cutting fabrics / leathers
- Carry out the hand / machine sewing
- Make the pocketed / stretched cover
- Putting on the finishing elements
- Carry out possible travels on site for installation (France / International)

Required profile

We are looking for an experienced, autonomous and proactive senior upholsterer with solid technical skills in upholstery.

You are a dynamic and curious person with good interpersonal skills! Indeed, teamwork is a very strong and important concept within Jouffre.

Furthermore, you have a real capacity to transmit and share your know-how and have a sense of responsibility. Your rigor and your attention to detail are among your main qualities!

- Mastery of all traditional, semi-traditional and contemporary (modern) tapestry techniques is required
- Mastery of cutting, sewing, upholstery and covering is expected
- Have a good command and knowledge of fabrics
- The practice of English is a plus


Starting date: ASAP
Type of contract: CDI
Experience: 10 years minimum
Salary: According to experience

Published: 02/10/2021 / City: Lyon / Department: Upholstery Workshop
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