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The workshops

Materially expert

From Paris, Rabat to New York, Jouffre perpetuates the fine tradition of the upholsterer’s profession, blending know-how and French luxury.

Creative workshops

since 1987

Above all, Jouffre stands for extensive ancestral savoir-faire and virtuoso technical prowess, devoted to creativity – extremely exacting standards of meticulous perfectionism that have developed constantly since the adventure began, thirty years ago. It is this excellence which crystallized in 2006 with the award of the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label for a five-year term. The honor was renewed in 2012, symbolizing a quest for perpetual perfection.

A Culture of Excellence

Championing and illustrating the upholsterer’s profession calls for constant attention to detail. Besides the perfection required for the finishing of drapes and furnishings, other more unexpected factors apply: working clothes in the company’s colors, immaculate delivery vans, specific covers to protect furniture and floors during work at the client’s address, the systematic ironing of drapes after installation – little touches that are appreciated by the most demanding clients.

The Art of Exquisite Stitchwork

The seamstresses – all women – glide from table to table, totally at ease in their outsized surroundings. From time to time, several of them cluster around a job in progress, like bees working busily in a hive. The detail of a curtain-heading pleat, or of how a piece of trim is fitted, are subjected to their intensely critical gaze.


Joining the widths

Assembling the patterns of a damask, positioning a seam... Jouffre’s artisans are expert in fashioning and transforming fabrics into splendid décors.


Stitching trims by hand

Rosettes, brocaded braid, knitted gimp, and bullion fringes… For more than thirty years, the men and women in Jouffre’s workshops have crafted thousands of trims, handstitched to the very highest standards of workmanship.


Creating a décor

In order to cut a fabric or stitch a trim with peace of mind it is first necessary to conceive, design and craft the décor. Once the design is finalized, the seamstresses create a full-sized mock-up of the pleats in the workshops, for a final and meticulous check prior to packing and dispatch.

Mastery of Filling and Covering

In the Jouffre workshops, all kinds of chairs, banquettes and sofas are developed and fabricated. Old and period chairs are also restored with the purest respect for art history...


Cutting the fabric

The pattern of a cover, or the complexity of a chair or sofa, means that fabric-cutting is a delicate operation. The upholsterers – equipped with a ruler and a pair of scissors, but primarily with their savoir-faire – devote themselves body and soul to this first perilous stage.



The chair springs are sewn on the webbing, and tied together by flax spring twine. The decking fabric covers the whole assembly; vegetable-fiber batting is passed through ties in this fabric, then wrapped in a finer linen. The batting is then stitched to obtain a pad, which varies in stiffness and in straightness of edge, according to the chosen style...



In a final flourish, it is now time to secure the fabric loosely by knocking tacks half-in with an upholstery hammer; stretch it on the back; sew on the piping; and assemble the inner pad, then the cover, of the cushions. Followed by a final masterly touch: fasten the dust cover fabric, which will mask the underside of the chair to assure a perfect finish.

Installation and logistics

Jouffre provides its decorator clients with a logistics service enabling them to monitor the atelier’s work: confirmations of orders placed with suppliers, follow-ups to ensure delivery-date compliance, systematic quality control of the goods received; packing; shipping by road, sea or air; customs clearance, then delivery and onsite acceptance.


Teams devoted to excellence

Seamstresses, upholsterers, onsite upholsterers, draughtsmen and business coordinators are all links in a chain devoted to excellence. Thanks to these women and men, working in Lyon, Paris, Rabat and New York, the traditional savoir-faire of upholstery – a precious ingredient in French luxury – is displayed worldwide.


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