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The Par Excellence showroom located at 344 Bowery in NoHo reopened its doors last December. The talented designer Thomas Pheasant imagined the decor for this magnificent New York apartment, in order to transform it into a showroom which highlights the savoir-faire of excellent French artisanal houses.

Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant

I loved the idea of what Par Excellence is all about. The concept of a collective group of stellar French artisans that could be brought together to fulfill a designer's imagination. It is my hope that American designers and architects will see how their projects can be elevated through this special creative process.

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Charles Jouffre created Par Excellence in 2016, a collective which brings together French artisans with exceptional skills in the United States. Each of the companies which make up the collective accompany the greatest and most talented international designers and architects in their technical and daring projects. "For many years, we have been living, within our respective companies, the same passion for our trades with a common commitment of earning our clients’ trust, of helping them dream and satisfying them whatever their projects may need." Charles Jouffre

Friday, December 9 marks the opening of Par Excellence's new showroom in the heart of New York City, at 344 Bowery. Created under the artistic direction of Thomas Pheasant, this new address is the result of a meeting between contemporary American design and French craftsmanship, where each creation is a tribute to the craft. With his expertise in creating high-end residential interiors, the American designer based in Washington, DC has transformed this magnificent apartment typical of the historic neighborhood into a sophisticated and elegant setting.

"The concept of the project was to see the creative talents of French artisans through the lens of an American designer," Thomas Pheasant tells Galerie. "I didn't want to create a typical exhibition space filled with disconnected samples from individual artisans. I wanted to show how collective workrooms could respond to a specific idea." he continues.

The showroom is located on the 5th floor of a typical New York apartment building. Inside, an elevator takes us directly in to the living room where our eyes are drawn to the sublime solid oak console made by Ateliers Saint-Jacques. A real highlight of the entrance, it is illuminated by the Gélule d'Ozone sconces, made of aluminum and brass. To significantly soften the acoustics of the space and create a muted atmosphere, our upholsterers also installed gently curved upholstered panels which were worked in a textured Fresh Powder linen fabric from Holly Hunt. The space is fabulously illuminated by the large arched windows, offering an unobstructed view of the Bowery Hotel and the Chrysler Building. To enhance the windows our seamstresses have meticulously and passionately crafted three pairs of drapes which straddle the line between sheer and curtain. Made from Romo's "Inessa Coconut" fabric with a subtle jacquard texture, these drapes perfectly match the charm and atmosphere of the space.

When we go through the living room, we can only admire the brilliant style which Thomas Pheasant has embodied in the space, playing with the sublime plaster dome on the ceiling created by the Auberlet & Laurent’s craftsmen in collaboration with Ozone and the circular arrangement of the furniture. Encircling the impressive marble coffee table from Ateliers Saint-Jacques, our craftsmen upholstered a singular curved sofa and two armchairs in the same spirit. Dressed with a gray textile from Larsen Fabrics, the designs seduce with their purified lines and depth, creating an enveloping effect. These last rest on an elegant “Lingots” carpet in berber wool and silk, entirely hand tufted by the Manufacture des Tapis de Bourgogne. It is stunning with subtle brass inlays, created by the Ateliers Saint-Jacques. In contrast with the rest of the space, the scene is adorned with an impressive fireplace mantel decorated with a luminous panel in rye straw marquetry from the Lison de Caunes workrooms. Their craftsmen used great technical skill to give this panel a curved shape so that it fits perfectly into the custom space. To operate the apartment lighting, the Meljac workrooms, forerunner in high-end electrical equipment, designed all the switches and electrical outlets. Thomas Pheasant selected in the Classique collection from the Parisian brand, a dark bronze brass. HENRI, an expert in the art of smart homes, worked on the centralization of all the controls relating to the interior comfort: from the opening and closing of the shades and curtains, to the management of room temperature or the invisible integration of the audio speakers.

Continuing the visit in the adjoining dining room, we discover an incredible dining table created by Ateliers Saint-Jacques. We particularly admire the combination of its base made of white marble blocks from Portugal and the transparent glass top, which emphasizes its proudly sculpted look. At its periphery, our craftsmen upholstered a set of chairs in Larsen Fabrics, highlighting their detailed white oak legs, created by our carpentry partner Nicolas Souchet. “Working with Thomas is always a real pleasure. As is the case in all of his projects, he starts with an incredibly clear vision of what the rooms should look like. His eyes for the little details and for the general form of the furniture, drive our teams to consider the seating not only like pieces of furniture but also as art objects. We feel lucky to have been able to assist such a kind and talented designer, to realize some of his ideas, and for the new Par Excellence showroom no less!" says Ginx, Project Manager in New York.

Finally, we admire on the walls the immaculate white decorative painting, created by Ateliers de Ricou and inspired by artworks of Pierre Soulages. Their teams have given special care to the finishing, to the corners and the hollow joints.

Our companies all share the same determination, and the same level of rigor always. The showroom is a demonstration of the excellence of French crafts which export themselves beyond the country’s borders, and which aspire to shine at the international level. We thank Thomas Pheasant for having so beautifully highlighted our creative trades and our savoir-faire in this room, which allows us to showcase our expertise and our ability to accompany design professionals in their most incredible projects.

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