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On the occasion of the PARIS DESIGN WEEK and as part of AD Magazine's decorators' tour, the multidisciplinary collective Uchronia has joined forces with our workrooms and Manufacture Prelle to unveil an exclusive collaboration.



"The traditions of drapery are revisited in a collaboration between the young architectural collective Uchronia and the established upholsterer Atelier Jouffre. Combining fresh ideas and young blood with age-old craftsmanship, they have created a new transgressive curtain."

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A multidisciplinary collective, Studio Uchronia, founded by Julien Sebban, imagines "places of experience" that are inclusive and erase the barriers that separate technique from creativity. It creates spaces that offer a complete artistic service, from architecture to layout, design and visual identity. From restaurants to apartments to fashion shows, each space designed by Uchronia has its own modern identity.

On the occasion of the Paris Design Week and as part of AD Magazine's decorators' tour, the collective has joined forces with a selection of French artists and craftsmen to unveil its "Stolen objects from the sea" exhibition, as part of a colorful and joyful seventies pop dynamic. Presented in the Parisian setting of Maison Lapparra from September 7th to 18th, the scenography reveals the latest creations inspired by the sea. A new glittering version of the Peanut table, a series of stools in shades of blue and green, and Daisy dishes in Venetian stucco have all been put on display. This new collection of furniture is unveiled in the middle of a large selection of ceramic fish lamps from the Vallauris workrooms, treasure-troved by collector Antoine Billore.

To brighten up the scenography, our Lyon workrooms had the privilege of participating in this avant-garde project by fabricating, especially for the event a contemporary "Seaweed"confection. This beautiful piece hovers between curtain and quilt. To create this drape, we combined our savoir-faire with the sublime silk fabrics of the Prelle manufacture. Eloïse, our development manager for garment and installation, first took measurements and evaluated the technical constraints inherent to the architecture of the place. Using digital tools such as Illustrator, she drew the work to obtain a first sketch. This process, which requires scrutiny and dexterity, allows us to have an overall vision of the project before starting the fabrication work. Using different widths of fabric, Eloise made a stitched assembly of the "wave" seams. To obtain the perfect volume desired for the drape, the whole piece was fleeced and sewn. With a painstaking attention to detail and much passion, she then moved on to the finishing touches such as hems and hand seams, and then took care of installing in situ the work on the rod, which was previously covered in the same fabric as the curtain.

"With the help of Jouffre, we have created a soft curtain, a quilted and padded garment that can be left in one piece. This length can then be rolled up and draped around a fixed bar, allowing the user to create endless options and variations. The curtain can be draped into garlands, rolled up on itself to create a tie, layered, separated to create openings or anything the inventive user can think of. Something so special doesn't deserve to be left behind. It should be taken with you from place to place, precious." - Uchronia

This work reflects the expertise and creativity of our quilters, who never cease to produce unique confections. We warmly thank Uchronia studio for trusting us with the creation of this beautiful project in such an exceptional place. We are proud to be in association with this collective and to unveil our savoir-faire which we hold so dear to us - and which we are constantly trying to reinvent.

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