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Recipient of numerous awards and recognized for her timeless and singular design, Carol Egan entrusted us with the realization of various upholstery and window treatment works for the renovation of a house located in Sagaponack, New York.

Carol Egan

Carol Egan

"Jouffre bring an advanced craftsmanship and artisanal experience to our project collaborations. Whether upholstering walls or complex curves in furniture, their expertise, precision and rigor deliver a perfect result every time. With a pristine workroom, enthusiastic collaboration and exquisite on site finish work, the team at Jouffre charm and impress both myself and my clients every time."

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Invent or reinvent? For this project initiated by long-time clients, interior architect Carol Egan faced the challenge of rethinking a house that has been witness too many stories, memories and anecdotes. After living in their home in Sagaponack for almost 15 years, the homeowners decided it was time for them to embrace new changes after purchasing the new property in 2006.

And because one challenge never comes alone, the other stakes in the renovation were to make the home more functional for numerous visits from family members who frequently stayed in the six bedrooms over the weekends. The interior architect, who likes to highlight singular forms and structures by playing with shadows and reflections, then invested himself in this project by looking for solutions to breathe new life into the 7,500-square-foot house, typical of the Hamptons.

"Think big, think different!". The interior designer had to rethink the different rooms of the house so that they could accommodate more visitors. So Carol Egan had the ingenious idea of designing several banquettes in the main living rooms to provide more seating, as in the living room, where the orange floating banquette was upholstered by our New York craftsmen and topped with the famous ball cushions designed by interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch (presented by New York gallery R&Company).

Another blue banquette created with black stripes was also fabricated by our upholsterers and adorns the screened porch of the house, offering the inhabitants a warm living space with a clear view outside.

The bed of the master bedroom, a very complex element, required a considerable amount of work by the team of designers in our Design Studio. For this piece of furniture, Carol Egan wanted to combine three noble materials: oak, leather and fabric. First of all, the perimeter of the headboard is made of oak and then painted in a white tone which compliments the bedroom's universe. A concave section, covered by gainage in a Foglizzo leather, was then inserted into this oak frame. In order to make this furniture softer and more comfortable, a third element was positioned in the center of the headboard, with a plush fabric by MM Design Textiles. Each curved element had to be worked individually before all were assembled directly on site by our craftsmen. The base on which the bed rests was designed on the same principle. Platforms are superimposed one on top of the other: the first one in painted oak rests on the floor, the one in the center is covered with gainage leather, and the upper platform, directly in contact with the mattress, is made of fabric.

We also made a very long floating banquette suspended along the walls and contours of the room. Part of this banquette, located under the television, was treated with gainage by our artisans in Garrett Leather. This mix of materials creates a perfect harmony between the different pieces of furniture in the room, and this synergy demonstrates once again that Carol Egan's minimalist design is often combined with new ideas in manufacturing processes, thus combining craftsmanship and technology.

Our seamstresses created the roman shades for the master bedroom, as well as those for the master bathroom and living room. These white and light veils let the daylight penetrate the different rooms of the house, thus contributing to the beauty of this havenly peace.

Photos taken by © Richard Powers

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