Private Apartment – Paris

A Parisian apartment

In 2018, the architect Alireza Razavi and his team entrusted Jouffre with the construction of a contemporary sofa set for a superb Parisian apartment.

Studio Razavi

Studio Razavi

What the architect is looking for above all is simple: to entrust the realization of his ideas to the best people. The best collaborators, engineers, craftsmen... without them, his ideas are only intentions. Jouffre is one of these rare partners. Demanding for himself, of immense rigor but above all equipped with this ability to understand the materiality sought by the architect. A team of men and women, driven by this spirit of work well done, the attention given to each project. Crossing their path is an opportunity.

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Alireza Razavi is the founder of Studio Razavi Architecture. Their work is based on a fundamental principle: the delicate balance between engineering and architectural cultures. As the studio says, "architecture draws on the rituals of everyday life". Their approach to space is hence determined by a rigorous understanding of existing relationships between technique and culture, free of stylistic limitations. "From the design of a table to the design of a building, from the study of a project to the execution plans, from Paris to New York via London, everything that bears the mark of Alireza Razavi blows excellence. "- cyberarchi

In a private apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, an octagonal room is emerging. In this living room, a duo of sofas take the spotlight. Two frames in solid walnut, V-shaped, open up the living space. These two elements were designed by Studio Razavi Architecture, then developed by Jouffre and manufactured by its upholsterers in Lyon. The chenille fabric from Donghia textile, used for both furniture, was woven in a dense manner, intertwined with a bright looped thread, to obtain a depth as well as a touch of brightness.

This room designed by the parisian-based studio is composed of a Clessidra table manufactured by Blanc Carrare; a Demeter floor lamp manufactured by GAU Lighting and a ceramic sculpture by Matthew Chambers.

Jouffre is proud to have participated in the realization of this project and thanks Studio Razavi Architecture for their trust.

© Simone Bossi

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