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Trying to get more and more innovative to bring its clients with new solutions ideas, Jouffre sometimes work on Research & Development projects to inspire decorators and interior designer. It is also a way to let Jouffre's employees expressing themselves and releasing the power of their creativity. Through the creation of curtains, sofas or decors, craftsmen and all employees can thus work on the development of new collections and new concepts.

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Completely made by hand, each of these creations has its own style and unique language. Through this project, the aim has been to combine savoir-faire and innovation through the creation of six unique curtains which feature different finishes, details and techniques. The juxtaposition that exists between the curtains of this collection strengthens the project. They each have a different personality and story to tell. They are named respectively: Lilly, Ernst, Oskar, Joost, Anni and Ludwig.

The first curtain named Lilly is manufactured with a unique fabric from Toyine Sellers Texture & Design and a leather from Italian company Foglizzo. Both are placed on a bent curtain rod from Gauthier & Compagnie which is sheathed in leather. The two different fabrics meet and interweave, as an overstitched leather strap appears and disappears along the opening of the curtain. The authenticity of that fabric is preserved, as its finishes are raw. Lilly is wearing fringes and a natural selvedge custom-designed by Toyine Sellers.

Ernst plays with the light. The union of heavy fabric and light sheers, created by Rogers & Goffigon, allows some rays of sunlight to sneak inside the room. A subtle detail is achieved entirely by hand on the front of the curtain. Ernst is hanging from a Gauthier & Compagnie brass bent rod, with finishes in bronze.

Joost is the result of a mix between tradition and modernity, perfectly reflecting the philosophy of our workshops. A craft workshop that tries every day to take a new look at the traditional upholstery profession. The wool of London-based Holland & Sherry highlights the finesse of Declercq trimmings. To enhance it all, Joost is installed on a hammered Declercq rod, delicately gilded with gold leaf.

Inspired by Haute Couture, our craftsmen have carefully chosen every detail that makes up Anni. Sensual, secretive, dressed in a simple shirt, Anni subtly reveals its curves to light. The fabric from Italian fabric house Dedar Milano offers a subtle play of transparency. The curtain is suspended from a cream-coloured Gauthier & Cie bent rod which reinforces the impression of lightness given by it.

For this fifth curtain, our workshops are partnered with the Italian company Rubelli, the trim expert Declercq, and the manufacturer of curtain rods Gauthier & Cie. The result of careful cutting and stitching, Ludwig is crossed in several places by an elegant braid from Declercq. The contrast of colors and materials highlights these lines - like sun rays - that make the singularity of the glossy linen curtain. For this model, Gauthier & Cie hand crafted a technical decorative rod in the shade corked copper. It is here that the waves of this exceptional curtain come to life.

Oskar is the answer to a challenge: to craft a curtain almost entirely made of leather, a complex material, more difficult to work with than fabric. It testifies to the dexterity of the seamstresses who had to assemble the Foglizzo skins and then integrate vertical fabric strips made from a Dedar fabric.
Like leather, Oskar will grow old and get a patina over the years, thus affirming its personality. The five lines made of fabric complete this assembly and sublimate all the strength of this curtain. For this character piece, Jouffre has selected a round Tillys solid oak rod mounted on raw metal supports.

We are proud to unveil the Introspection collection and thanks all the hands that have contributed to this wonderful project.

Photos credits: © Studio Erick Saillet

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