Lately, several articles about the Jouffre workshops have appeared in the international press. Jouffre is proud to share three of them here.

Magazine New York Cottages & Gardens -
“The son also rises”

On October, 2018 Jouffre was featured in Cottages & Gardens New York, the magazine which represents the very best in architecture and design, in an article titled “The Son Also Rises”. In this article, journalist Kelly Velocci interviewed Romain Jouffre about the Jouffre New York workshop.

Having previously collaborated with many European professionals, Jouffre has also set up a formidable US base. The objective? To assist their clients on their American projects, and partake in new collaborations with renowned New York designers and architects. Thanks to this establishment in New York, Jouffre has expanded internationally.

"The company prides itself on upholding the time-honored French upholstery techniques." "I want designers to know that they are getting the same quality and services no matter which of our workrooms." - Romain Jouffre

Discover the entire article by clicking on the link below.
New York Cottages & Gardens article

Magazine Business of Home -
"How this French Atelier is leading the New York Upholstery Market"

Jouffre was featured in Business of Home, the daily media of record for the home industry, in the article "How this French Atelier is leading the New York Upholstery Market" on October 29th, 2018.

The Jouffre workshop in New York is growing, and Romain was asked about Jouffre’s impact on the New York Upholstery Market. In the interview, Romain entrusted his wishes to Jeffrey Preis : [I want Jouffre] "to become the leader, not necessarily in profits, but in terms of image and quality". The values for 30 years have been "care about the humans behind the brand”. Jouffre is currently more a service company than a manufacturing company. That means they need to find the right people who share the same values.

Discover the entire article by clicking the link below.
Business Of Home article

Magazine ELLE DECOR -
“The Best Design Discoveries”
Alt for living x Jouffre

On November 29th, 2018, ALT for Living introduced the “Shadow Collection”, It is the first In-House Furniture Line imagined and created in collaboration with Jouffre.

This elegant set consists of a timeless and sophisticated sofa and armchair, which perpetuate the tradition of French craftsmanship.

Thanks to the expansion of this collaboration, the chair is currently visible in the selection January / February 2019 What's Hot of ELLE DECOR, the famous magazine which highlights the latest trends in home decoration.

Discover the selection by clicking on the link below.
What's Hot, ELLE DECOR

Jouffre thanks the New York Cottages & Gardens magazine, Business of Home and ELLE DECOR for highlighting the French upholstery savoir-faire.


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