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The Tour Rose by MiHotel, an emblematic institution of the city of Lyon, is rising from its ashes. Our workshops are proud to have contributed to this renovation project alongside interior designer Nathalie Rives.

Nathalie Rives

Nathalie Rives

"We are pleased to have collaborated with this illustrious French Craft House, whose family history is so beautiful. We loved working with the Jouffre workroom on the curtains for the Tour Rose by MiHotel, located in a district of Lyon classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Charles, Romain and their fantastic colleague Claudie are great and attentive professionals, they provided us with a service worthy of haute couture. We look forward to our next projects with Jouffre."

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In Lyon, capital of silk and gastronomy, a page is turned and a new chapter opens. In the heart of the rue du Boeuf, in the Vieux-Lyon district, stands a famous institution dressed in a colourful facade: La Tour Rose by MiHotel.

A former private mansion created in the 16th century, La Tour Rose by MiHotel is full of beautiful stories. Closed for nearly six years, this mythical establishment has now been transformed into a truly exceptional place with ten restaurants and a hotel.

Nathalie Grynbaum and Stéphanie Marquez, co-founders of MiHotel, have recreated 14 suites that had not been renovated since 1990. In order to give life and soul to these suites, they called upon the talented interior designer from Lyon, Nathalie Rives, to decorate and furnish the various suites of La Tour Rose by MiHotel.

Our seamstresses took part in the project by making the curtains for the Alba, Amarante, Ambre, Aquaverde, Bianca, Colletore, Ebène, Ocre, Palma, Palazzo, Terracotta and Volatili suites.

The curtains of each of the suites were made from fabrics from Pierre Frey, which since 1935 has been inspired by contemporary art and the art of more distant ethnic groups and fabrics from the renowned Milanese house Dedar. The fabrics mix patterns and materials and contribute to the identity of each of the Hôtel de la Tour Rose by MiHotel's suites, which proudly display elegant universes that are totally different from one suite to another.

Alba: Room for romance

The period portrait above the fireplace, the four-poster bed, the warm tones and the chandelier chandelier chandelier of the room bring charm and a touch of romance to this suite in which linen plays an important role, reinforcing the soft and warm atmosphere of the interior.

Amarante : The eclecticism of the seventies

Cosy, elegant and eclectic: three adjectives that perfectly define the charming Amarante suite. The pink and vermilion shades and the repetition of rounded shapes in the headboard, shelves, armchairs and bathtub all reflect the decorative trends of the seventies and allow for a colorful journey through time.

Amber: An air of poetry

The suite offers a direct view of the inner courtyard at La Tour Rose by MiHotel and the neutral tones of the room provide a warm atmosphere to the room. In addition, the Roger Capron ceramic coffee table in the living room, the elegant chair by Norman Cherner, the contemporary hangings and the leopard pattern of the suite bring a touch of modernity and design.

Aquaverde : Time travel

This duplex Suite is strongly reminiscent of the 1950s and has a Le Corbusier ambiance. The blue-green colour dominates the spaces and touches of black add structure to the interior design. The curtains of the suite are made of linen canvas embroidered with a non-figurative motif echoing brushstrokes on a canvas.

Bianca: Art-Deco trend

Bianca is a large and colourful suite inspired by the Art-Deco trend and houses two separate bedrooms. This suite is strongly inspired by the Art-Deco trend, an artistic movement in which floral motifs are very present, as can be seen in the ornate headboards of the two bedrooms.

Colletore: Luxury, calm and voluptuousness

Situated under the roof, Colletore offers a view of the inner courtyard and the basilica. An elegant glass roof separates the entrance from the bathroom and contributes to the reflection of light in the suite's taupe, black and grey tones. An impressive original wallpaper decorates the bedroom walls.

Ebène : Ethnic-chic atmosphere

Ebène is a "cocoon" suite, totally exotic. Dressed with an impressive leopard rug, a wall with African-inspired motifs and a closet with geometric shapes in relief, this suite promises an unforgettable journey.

Ocre: Back in the 60s and 70s

The Ochre suite is directly inspired by the sixties and seventies. The colour tones of the suite range from mustard yellow to terracotta, evoking raw materials and vegetal notes. We also find there the work of a marsala linen which brings character to the place.

Palazzo : Pure elegance

The Palazzo Suite features burgundy, ochre and almond shades that match the ostrich feather lamp next to the bed. Its private terrace offers a moment of relaxation with a peaceful view of the inner courtyard.

Palma : Guaranteed travel

Enveloping and exotic, the Palma suite offers a breathtaking view of the secret gardens at La Tour Rose by MiHotel. Every corner of this soft cocoon allows you to escape, whether it is the large suspension lamps above the bed or the wallpaper depicting large palm trees behind the headboard.

Terracotta: The art of design

The Terracotta suite, with its contemporary and structured spirit, reveals a colour scheme of warm tones ranging from red to brown with touches of plum, contrasting beautifully with the turquoise velvet armchairs in the living room. The central suspension enhances the graphic nature of the suite, accentuated by the murals.

Volatili: Exoticism in its purest form

Dressed in wallpaper adorned with monkeys and equipped with a bamboo banister, this duplex suite combines warmth and luminosity with tones ranging from green to blue and yellow, perfectly representing the diversity of places that now give life to La Tour Rose by MiHotel.

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Photos by © Sabine Serrad

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