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Trying to get more and more innovative to bring its clients with new solutions ideas, Jouffre sometimes work on Research & Development projects to inspire decorators and interior designer. It is also a way to let Jouffre's employees expressing themselves and releasing the power of their creativity. Through the creation of curtains, sofas or decors, craftsmen and all employees can thus work on the development of new collections and new concepts.

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Within our workshops, project and production managers, upholsterers, seamstresses and the logistics team all attach paramount importance to the requirements of their customers, whatever they may be. Over the years, our employees have developed an unrivalled sense of detail and exceptional know-how, capable of meeting the most complex and ambitious demands.
Did you know that the involvement of multiple players is essential to the creation of each piece of furniture? The most daring and sophisticated sofas take shape through exchanges between craftsmen, project managers, designers and experts. Here is a look into the role of each in the creation of both traditional and contemporary furniture.

Pairs attentive to the needs of their clients

Our Projects managers are at the complete disposal of decorators and interior designers. Concerned with understanding the most unexpected expectations, they ensure on a daily basis to provide them with technical and aesthetic solutions.
The relay is then passed on to our Production Managers, who will do everything possible to get the fabrication process up and running. They will order fabrics and supplies, get closer to their partners and put in motion all the steps to carry out the projects. They have the intentions and the knowledge to transmit all the requirements of the customers with precision to the different workshops.

A Design Studio capable of doing everything

To meet aesthetic and technical expectations in terms of both finish and comfort, Jouffre has created a dedicated team over the last twenty years. A real innovation in the upholsterer's trade, the Design Studio is made up of four people in France and two people in New York. The team studies volumes and finishes with precision, while ensuring the optimum comfort of any made-to-measure creation.
Each project can be drawn by hand or digitally in 3D thanks to the use of software such as Rhinoceros. In some cases, our workshops develops and produces 3D prints in order to model future creations and allow customers to refine the forms before beginning physical fabrication.

A workroom who has developed its own methods

It is customary to say that it takes 10 years to train an expert artisan. At Jouffre, our upholsterers perfect their techniques and develop their creative spirit by following apprenticeships at the upholstery schools and the Compagnons du Devoir and Tour de France. They continue to grow and are trained in the specificities of Jouffre's prototyping and methods. Every day, each one brings to the other their experience, strengths and assets. It is this mentality that allows our company to count among its ranks some of the most talented artisans. Able to restore antique seats in the purest traditions of the trade, they are also able to design ultra-contemporary sofas. They have adapted to the requirements of informed and creative designers who push them to the limits of this Art Trade. Each piece that leaves the workshops of the Lyon house is unique and combines ancestral know-how with the most modern techniques, constantly striving for perfection.

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