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The 10th anniversary of the Asymmetry armchair

This year, we celebrate the ten years of an iconic masterpiece: the Asymmetry armchair, born from the creativity of the talented interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch and the craftsmanship of our upholstering workrooms.

Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch

"It is not sufficient to make something beautiful. It must also be comfortable, which makes the exercise extremely difficult. What I expect from an upholsterer is quality and dependability, at the service of forms which must adapt perfectly to the human body. For one of our clients, Jouffre displayed great technical prowess, fabricating a twenty feet long couch without buttoning, stitching or cushions. I especially appreciate the firm's dynamic mindset and interest in developing new designs. This interaction between professionals yields creations which, on the face of it, seem utterly impossible. It is at this point that a project comes most vibrantly alive."

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In the realm of design, some creations transcend fleeting trends to become timeless symbols. This year, we celebrate the ten years of an iconic masterpiece: the Asymmetry armchair, born from the creativity of the talented interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch and the craftsmanship of our upholstering workrooms.

Having initially ventured into the fashion world alongside Pierre Cardin, Pierre Yovanovitch established his own interior architecture agency in 2001. His passion for decorative arts, coupled with his innate aesthetic sense, naturally led him towards interior decoration. The French interior architect gained recognition for his style, which drew inspiration from haute couture, emphasizing volumes, light, and a fondness for materials that are simultaneously raw and elegant. Following the completion of numerous projects for residences, hotels, restaurants, and museums across Europe and the United States, Pierre Yovanovitch officially launched his furniture brand, Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier, in 2021 and inaugurated his first showroom in the heart of a private mansion in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

On October 12th in Paris, the French interior architect inaugurated his new showroom located at 4 Passage Sainte-Avoye to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Asymmetry. On this occasion, he unveiled a brand-new collection of pieces created in collaboration with the artist Claire Tabouret: a series of 10 unique armchairs, inspired by themes of childhood, movement, and fragility. The stitching of various textiles painted by Claire Tabouret was meticulously applied to each chair, evoking perpetual motion, much like a kite soaring in the sky. "In many ways, it's entirely fitting to celebrate the opening of our new furniture gallery in Paris by paying tribute to one of my original creations," says Pierre Yovanovitch. "When the idea of creating 10 unique pieces to commemorate the Asymmetry's anniversary crossed my mind, Claire Tabouret immediately came to my thoughts. Our long-standing friendship and creative synergy are reflected in multiple ways in this collaboration. The depth of her artistic work and the recurring theme of childhood bring an ephemeral, poetic, colorful, and dynamic dimension to this initially geometric, almost rock-like form of the seat.".The excellence and craftsmanship of French artisans were also showcased in this artistic collaboration, with the participation of the Manufacture Royale Bonvallet, the Atelier Caraco, and the Jouffre Workrooms.

Let's rewind 10 years back to September 2013, as the Révélations Biennial approached. Charles Jouffre was eager to participate in the first edition of this exhibition dedicated to the arts and crafts to showcase his upholstery trade, a craft he has been passionate about since a young age. It was during this time that Pierre Yovanovitch conceived a work that would debut at the Grand Palais in Paris, unaware that this armchair would make its mark in the world of contemporary furniture. "My main concern has always been to combine the notions of design and comfort, and Pierre was immediately intrigued by this challenge," Charles Jouffre shares with us. The project took shape when Pierre handed over an abstract terracotta shape, which would serve as the initial foundation for developing and fine-tuning the prototype before moving it into production. The piece was crafted as a singular exemplar, specifically for the event. "The project was realized within a very tight timeframe as we didn't have much time before the event. I quickly devised a technical drawing to create the frame with the help of a carpenter", emphasizes Franck Martinier, former draughtsman at the Design & Methods Studio. The armchair was then meticulously padded with foam and expertly upholstered by our artisans, ensuring every curve and seam met Pierre's exacting standards. "I worked extensively and collaborated closely with our upholsterers, particularly Lionel, who was a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), to find solutions for padding, upholstering the shapes, and achieving optimal seating comfort. In the end, we met our challenge because we were able to deliver the seat 48 hours before the event. I am now very proud to have assisted Charles and a great interior architect like Pierre in the development of this work, which has become iconic over time", continues Franck Martinier. With its sleek lines and innovative approach, the armchair caused a sensation among the general public at the Révélations exhibition.

The story of the Asymmetry is now an integral part of the history of both our houses. Beyond its popularity, the armchair embodies the perfect fusion of innovation and craftsmanship, serving as a constant reminder that true design is a balance of both aesthetics and function. In a decade, the Asymmetry armchair has become a staple in refined interiors, luxury hotels, and art galleries worldwide. It's not uncommon to spot it featured in leading design editorials or as the centerpiece at international design exhibitions. Ten years later, our workrooms continue to apply their upholstery expertise to projects for Pierre Yovanovitch, all while upholding our cherished ethos: a culture of excellence and the art of precision.

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