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K2 Djola

The boutique-hotel invites you to a cosy atmosphere in the heart of Courchevel Village.

Thomas Capezzone

Thomas Capezzone

"We have been working with Jouffre for the past 20 years and we both share the same family spirit that drives us all. Jouffre workshops have supported us and their team has met all our expectations without fail. In just six months, we have built something that is impossible."

Designed and developed by the Capezzone family, Le K2 Djola is the latest hotel from the K2 Collection. French Interior designer Thomas Capezzone gathered his inspiration from the hotelier motto “feel right at home” in order to instill charming and cosy atmosphere in the boutique-hotel. Le K2 Djola gives space and comfort to its clients.

Once more, Jouffre contributed to this wonderful project located in the heart of Courchevel Village. The ateliers at Jouffre manufactured velvet draperies for all 22 bedrooms and the 2 suites. Considering plush velvet is a difficult fabric to work with on a large scale, the Jouffre seamstresses have overcome real challenges working at the opulent scale this boutique-hotel provides. Making use of their master craft, the team at Jouffre also had to fashion 15 foot high trapezoidal drapes in each suites, a delicate and precise endeavor.

As with K2 Altitude, hanging the curtains has been delicate due to their massive weight and extensive length. Once again, the Jouffre installers were able to demonstrate their skills and ability to adapt themselves to a mountain environment and grandiose design.

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