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A Bright and Family-Friendly Triplex

In a building nestled in the heart of the Soho district, architect Alireza Razavi has undertaken the complete renovation of a unique and timeless triplex, infusing it with brightness and warmth.

Studio Razavi

Studio Razavi

Architects have a simple objective: have the best team mates, craftsmen, engineers work on materializing their designs. Without these people and their skills, ideas are mere intentions. Jouffre is one of these precious partners. A demanding group of the highest standard and rigor, gifted with the ability to understand the materiality sought by the architect. A team of men and women, driven by a common spirit: crafting the best possible pieces, dedicating the same attention to each project. I feel blessed we have come across their path.

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Tucked away from prying eyes, this family triplex, located on the top floor of a building in the heart of Soho, New York, is adorned with artworks and precious furniture. With ample space and an angular layout, a delicate arrangement was needed to restore the apartment's full splendor. The clients, a couple with children, have a passion for art and culture. By enlisting the services of architect Alireza Razavi and his team, their goal is not only to showcase their art collection but also to create a family-friendly space where everyone feels connected.

Beneath its seemingly understated exterior, the apartment harbors hidden treasures, complemented by three terraces offering spectacular views of the city to the east, west, and south. Upon entering, a grand steel staircase with bronze finishes catches the eye, serving as a foundational element of the apartment's architectural concept. Thanks to large windows, each space is bathed in light, giving golden hues to ceilings and walls coated in a slightly grayed sandy tone. It's the perfect backdrop to reveal the owners' collection.

In the main living area, the material palette includes oak flooring, American walnut cabinets, marble, glass, bronze, and finely woven fabrics. A large corner sofa, consisting of two modules crafted by our artisans, faces the large semi-circular bay window embedded in a steel structure. It rests on a base in walnut, polished to the same shade as other elements conceived by Studio Razavi in this wood type. The walnut surrounds the “Ratio” coffee table by Rasmus Fenhann and rests on a large wool and silk rug from JAN KATH. Alireza has skillfully struck a harmonious balance between contemporary elements and those from the 1950s-60s “Mid-century” style, adorning various rooms with furniture and artworks from the owners' personal collection. Placed in a second living room, where the family relaxes and watches TV, there is a U-shaped sofa, upholstered by our teams in a light gray fabric from Création Baumann. Our artisans employed a refined blend of craftsmanship and technical expertise to achieve these straight lines with the precision cherished by Alireza Razavi and his team. The seating is adorned with a throw and decorative cushions featuring patterns from the Italian house Missoni.

“The creative process that I am attached to is one that allows drawing on past experiences to achieve new results, with the possibility of evolving a form, a detail, or material combinations. Our opportunity for this project was to have implemented this method with great freedom and then materialize all the pieces by relying on the expertise of Ateliers Jouffre. Drawing remains inseparable from fabrication for me, a continuous dialogue and back-and-forth between forms and craftsmanship to achieve the desired result.” - Alireza Razavi

We are delighted to be entrusted with such beautiful projects from talented and renowned architects like Studio Razavi Architecture, which has placed its trust in us for the design of complex furniture.

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