Scène d'Intérieur becomes Jouffre Maroc

Jouffre in Morocco

Scène d'intérieur is an upholstery workroom created in Rabat in 1990, who specialized in exotic decoration and has been participating in prestigious projects throughout Morocco for the last 30 years.

The company, born from an adventure between Charles Jouffre and a Moroccan friend, has developed autonomously over the years driven by their knowledge of the craft. Collaborating with renowned interior designers, upholsterers and seamstresses has resulted in the decoration of private residences, palaces, prestigious hotels and large administrations.

The stories of Jouffre and Scène d'intérieur have always been intimately linked. Today Jouffre, which already has workroom in Lyon and New York, will continue its development and wishes to make a workroom available in this wonderful country which has developed its arts and crafts much like France.

Scène d'intérieur thus becomes Jouffre Maroc. The workroom's main objective remains to serve Moroccan decorators, and will also grow to include Jouffre's historical European and American clientele, to carry out their projects in the Maghreb and more widely in Africa and the Middle East.

Jouffre has given itself the means to be as close as possible to the projects in order to carry out specific and tailor-made upholstery and window treatment work with precision and care.

Ali Alami, who joined the adventure in 2001, will continue to write this beautiful story with his teams alongside Olivier Moyse, the new General Manager of Jouffre Maroc. Together, they rely on a versatile workroom where ten upholsterers, nine seamstresses, two carpenters and four upholsterers work every day to create sofas, curtains, decorations, and wall fabrics.

"When I decided to create my company in 1987, I had the dream of returning to Morocco. So during the first months of my career, I regularly went to Morocco, to try to regain contacts from my past, to try to see how I could potentially create more activity there.

And then, by chance, I met a friend who had worked in Morocco before, and that's how the adventure began. »

Charles Jouffre

"I've known the Jouffre workshops since 1999. My dream, which is now coming true, is for Scène d'Intérieur to become a mirror of Jouffre New York or Jouffre Lyon.

This is my dream because the way Jouffre works is unique... The project management is excellent and I wish to continue working with the Jouffre teams to share their vision. »

Ali Alami

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