Jouffre invests in quality control

Emphasizing production quality, Jouffre has acquired a new tool to streamline their textile resources: the visitor. Discover how this process works and what it entails - a real guarantee of excellence for the Lyon-based workshops.

Laurène Surivet, textile engineer, works at Jouffre to continuously improve processes. Surivet’s goal is to optimize the well-being and methods of the various teams in order to increase overall performance. In collaboration with Matthieu Duranel, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Craftsman in France) and Craftsmanship Manager at Jouffre, she was able to benchmark the available equipment and then finalize the purchase and installation of the fabric insepection machine in the workshops.

The fabric inspection machine is a mechanical tool which assists with quality control of the fabrics before the production of the sofas, curtains or decors. Installed in March 2019 in Lyon's workshops, the process was conceived in the Roanne region of France. This tool makes it possible to detect, identify and target any defects a fabric may have, such as stains, snags or even colour defects. Finally, the visitor offers the ability of precisely controlling the footage, cutting the fabric to the millimetre.

By automatic bearings, the fabric is rolled up and out of the visitor for display on a light table to visualize the potential defects of the fabric. The inspection alerts if any material is missing or damaged but also detects where the defect is located. Thus, craftsmen can maneuver and make the cuts for their pattern to meet the expectations of interior designers and architects.

Nadia Bettih, fabric specialist at Jouffre, is in charge of the inspection process. Trained by Laurène and Matthieu and gifted with real technical skills, Nadia is now able to confidently and quickly survey for defects on any fabric.

This process allows Jouffre to define qualitative supplier profiles. A real guarantee of excellence, the machine allows Jouffre to strengthen its quality management, to better support projects while reducing manufacturing times.

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