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Living Heritage Company (EPV) : a label of excellence

Created in 2005, within the framework of the law favoring the SME and delivered by the National Institute of the Trades of Art, the Living Heritage Company label is awarded every six years to bring greater visibility to crafts which are too often left in the shadows. The label, issued for a period of five years, promotes the companies’ development and reputation at a national and international level. In order to qualify for this title, companies must submit an application and be able to justify three eligibility criteria to be evaluated by experts:

Ownership of an economic asset
The company must own specialized machines, equipment, or tools, and must implement an active innovation or creation process to develop a significant customer network.

Implementation of a rare know-how
This criteria translates into the mastery of traditional techniques, specific know-how, in-house training of employees and apprentices, as well as the hiring of employees with excellent skill sets.

Attachment to a territory
For the company, it is a question of justifying the history of its geographical location, ensuring production in its historical regions, and carrying out a socially responsible approach when promoting the profession to younger generations.

The EPV recognition mark brings together manufacturers committed to the high performance of their craft and their products with very high added value, such as Chaumet, Hermès, Baccarat and the Jouffre workrooms. Jouffre was one of the first companies to be awarded the label in 2006, renewed in 2012 and in 2017. We are committed to perpetuating the traditional know-how of our upholstery trade in all four corners of the world with our presence in France, Morocco and the United States.

Our teams are made up of experts who have mastered the art of fine craftsmanship to perfection. We are fortunate to have in our workrooms two Best Craftsmen of France who represent our art crafts with honor. This label underlines the requirement and the passion which drives us every day, promotes our development, grows our influence around the world, and rewards the excellence of our French know-how.


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