Jouffre x Lison de Caunes collaboration

French artisans Charles Jouffre and Lison de Caunes have always shared a strong desire to collaborate and unite their crafts.

They finally got together last year and created a sofa named "Rencontre", meaning "encounter" in French, and there could not be a better name to define the unique result of their creation.

Their willingness and desire to combine their passion for upholstery and straw marquetry, is what makes this piece so special. It represents the marriage of two companies and two savoir-faire that are very different from one another but in which we can find similarities.

The piece embodies two craftsmen meeting to redefine a sofa with their two visions combined. This meeting gives birth to the Hybrid sofa. It has the qualities relating to both of the savoir-faire and is the true fusion of two techniques. These craftsmen shaped a concept to be seen in two different lights: one as a sofa boasting the epitome of comfort, the other as a sideboard adding warmth and depth to an environment.

The piece of furniture has two functions: function and decor. When two craftsmen give so much attention to detail, they create the perfect hybrid sofa which has proved itself the exemplar craft for both Jouffre and Lison de Caunes.

You can see this collaboration at the showroom Par Excellence in New York.

Par Excellence
459 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

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