Bismut & Bismut collaborates with Jouffre for AD Intérieurs 2016

Crossroads… The Composite room

Michel and Daniel, founders of the architecture studio Bismut & Bismut have imagined a hybrid room, which mirrors our society and our behaviors inside the family unit. It centres on a large collection of videos from Chinese artists.

Whatever the surface areas and the living spaces we create, the family unit invariably gathers in a place where we all meet each other… This place becomes a dining room, a kitchen, a social and living space.

People live together in this place at their own paces, moving in the same dimension of space and time, but out of step with each other… one browses through social networks, another watches a video, while the rest of the family is enjoying a good meal.

This work carries on their research on overlapping, division and distortion.

To achieve their goal and complet this project, Bismut & Bismut wanted to collaborate with Jouffre to study, design and fabricate a complex and bold sofa.

Michel and Daniel said: "Charles Jouffre… Precise, rigorous, passionate and able to follow us on our most extravagant ideas with his unique savoir-faire."

If you happen to be in Paris, come and discover this piece of work during AD Intérieurs 2016 at "la Monnaie de Paris", from September 3rd to September 18th.

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