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ZAK+FOX reinvents itself and highlights their "Fantasma" collection.

Zak Profera

Zak Profera

« The collaboration with the Jouffre workrooms for the wall-upholstery and curtains in the showroom was a true collaborative process from start to finish. I presented the team with inspirational images and revealed the textiles I wanted to use, and we went from there. The Jouffre team from New York came back with custom ideas to showcase our collections and bring the décor to life. They put us in touch with Declerq Passementiers in Paris, who created sumptuous trimmings and tiebacks to add to the romantic vision I had of the space. »

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Zak Profera founded the ZAK+FOX studio in 2012 with the almost romantic vision of a man and his dog pursuing new adventures and new ideas from the most unlikely places on the planet. His insatiable curiosity opens the doors of his imagination and permeates his way of conceiving interior design. Thus, the founder of the studio, imagines behind each project, a narrative, sometimes complex, which comes to fit into the folklore of different cultures.

In order to arouse curiosity, the showroom is hidden in a historic building in New York. The creative director, Zak Profera, wanted to remodel the space in the image of their new collection entitled "Fantasma". This collection is inspired by the fictional story of a ghost in an abandoned castle in Italy. The aim was to recreate the universe of the collection, to arouse a feeling of nostalgia, to hypnotize customers with a play of colour and material. Far from being old-fashioned or out-of-date, the studio reappropriated this universe to make it its own reality: passionate and colourful.

To highlight this Italian folklore, ZAK+FOX studio has called on the various skills of our craftsmen. In the showroom's main room, five pairs of curtains in Pentimento - Segreto fabric were handcrafted by our seamstresses and designed by Philippe Le Du who hand-drawn the decors. The drapes are suspended on rods with an antique bronze finish that is in perfect harmony with the superb existing bronze windows. Behind each curtain, five Austrian roman shades in Sfumato - Linchetto fabric slightly filter the light into the room. In Zak’s office, our upholsterers have stretched a dark green Misteri - Nebbia fabric over the walls between the mouldings. This installation considerably softens the room's acoustics and creates the muffled atmosphere desired by Zak Profera for this office. All fabrics were created by Zak and his team.

Photos by © Stephen Kent Jonhson

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