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The Townhouse by Garcé & Dimofski

Founded in 2015 by Isabelle Dubern and Anna Zaoui, the French gallery, The Invisible Collection, unveiled its new location in the Upper East Side at the close of 2022. "The Townhouse" draws its inspiration from the ambiance of a collector's home.

Garcé & Dimofski

Garcé & Dimofski

"This project with Les ateliers Jouffre was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the expertise of our workrooms. By working on the Taylor sofa, we were able to demonstrate the expertise of your ateliers in the creation of refined and delicate pieces. The intricate workmanship of this sofa, with its soft, harmonious lines, testifies to our attention to detail and your mastery of artisanal techniques. What's more, Les Ateliers Jouffre added a warm touch to the space by designing the curtains and blinds that enhance the chic of a townhouse on the famous Upper East Side."

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Founded in 2015 by Isabelle Dubern and Anna Zaoui, the French gallery, The Invisible Collection, unveiled its new location in the Upper East Side at the close of 2022. "The Townhouse" draws its inspiration from the ambiance of a collector's home.

The Invisible Collection has opened the doors of its new space, "The Townhouse," in the heart of one of New York's most prestigious neighborhoods, the Upper East Side. Located at 24 East 64th Street, the establishment brims with exceptional furniture and collector's items crafted by stars of contemporary design. Erected as a haven of conviviality, the showroom, partly adorned with the work of our skilled craftsmen, stands ready to welcome enthusiasts and collectors from across the globe.


Our New York seamstresses have crafted several pieces of drapery to adorn each window of the house. All creations harmonize perfectly with the atmosphere of the rooms in which they reside. With passion and skill, our seamstresses fashioned two large pairs of curtains with box-pleated headings to grace the expansive windows that overlook chic Madison Avenue. Several Roman shades were also handcrafted to adorn various rooms in The Townhouse, including the dining room and multiple lounges. We collaborated closely with a number of leading textile houses, such as Dedar Milano, to create these unique decorations that exude both simplicity and elegance.


To complete this extraordinary space, The Invisible Collection collaborated with renowned designers. The French duo Garcé & Dimofski designed the magnificent "Taylor" sofa, which takes center stage in one of the living rooms. It pairs perfectly with the chestnut "Mimi" coffee table and other works of art, such as Se Yoon Park's sculpture from Carvalho Park Gallery, which is highlighted in this inspiring setting. The sofa's wrap-around cushions have been expertly upholstered in ecru bouclé fabric from Chapas Textiles.

This 200-square-meter space also houses other exceptional pieces of furniture, such as the "Whisper" collection. This line is the outcome of the creative synergy between the visionary talent of French designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance and the craftsmanship of our atelier. Our artisans created both the sofa and the armchair—two magnificent pieces featuring undulating shapes that necessitated our teams combining skill and technical expertise to fill the voluptuous seating with different densities of foam.

Lastly, the talented and renowned Korean artist Minjae Kim designed the Lola chair, which holds a place of pride in the Townhouse. This unique chair, alluding to rabbit ears, was upholstered by our craftsmen in a fabric provided by Zak + Fox.

This display is a testament to the ingenuity of Olivier Garcé and Clio Dimofski, who adeptly leveraged a variety of skills and the precise work of craftsmen. Through their masterful vision, they've brought to life stunning pieces that stand toe-to-toe with fine art.

"Since its inception, Invisible Collection has been a partner of Atelier Jouffre, undisputed geniuses in the art of upholstery. This ancient savoir-faire demands a combination of skills, creativity and problem-solving abilities that few can truly master. It’s all about the complex structures of sofas and armchairs whose intricate shapes, curves, and details require a seamless fit. Like a sculptor shaping raw material, the upholsterer manipulates the padding and the fabric with expert hands to achieve the perfect contours and ultimate comfort. It’s a painstaking process, done stitch by stitch, inch by inch, which can span weeks, if not months, for a single masterpiece. Invisible Collection’s iconic designs are a testament to these unsurpassed skills. We are proud to be speaking of the magical art of upholstery through exceptional furniture pieces" - Isabelle Dubern, Co-Founder

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