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Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier

The French interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch invited us to the historic building of the Academy of Architecture, located at  Place des Vosges in Paris to unveil 45 new pieces of furniture for the launch of his brand: Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier.

Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch

"It is not sufficient to make something beautiful. It must also be comfortable, which makes the exercise extremely difficult. What I expect from an upholsterer is quality and dependability, at the service of forms which must adapt perfectly to the human body. For one of our clients, Jouffre displayed great technical prowess, fabricating a twenty feet long couch without buttoning, stitching or cushions. I especially appreciate the firm's dynamic mindset and interest in developing new designs. This interaction between professionals yields creations which, on the face of it, seem utterly impossible. It is at this point that a project comes most vibrantly alive."

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Since the creation of his architectural agency in 2001, Pierre Yovanovitch has never ceased to offer a high quality service to his clientele who, by word of mouth, praise his talent throughout the world. His attention to detail has earned him a spot on the prestigious AD100 list published by American magazine Architectural Digest since 2017, recognizing the top names in interior design, architecture and landscaping.

Over the years, the architecture passionate developed his activity and with his team invested in an 18th century private mansion located in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement, which he restored in his own style. The private mansion transports us into the bubble of excellence which was conceived and imagined entirely by the interior designer, who describes his workplace as "warm, smart, not necessarily very tidy... but chic".

The launch of his new furniture brand is a real turning point for Pierre Yovanovitch and his team as they unveil bold and sustainable artisanal creations in a remarkable setting. To bring this typically French collection to life, the Parisian designer surrounded himself with the best craftsmen from France and Switzerland who each played a key role in the brand new project.

Our workroom also participated in the launch of this new brand, which was unveiled on May 19, by producing some of the pieces in the collection.

Rainbow sofa:

Our workroom has started to manufacture the Rainbow sofa by making the upholstery of all the seat and back cushions. To develop this piece of furniture, our upholsterers from Lyon used a solid oak structure to which they apply webbing and upholstered with a fabric of wool and linen. A Ball cushion was also made by our craftsmen.

Clifford armchair and ottoman:

Imagined by Pierre Yavonovitch, the Armchair and Ottoman called Clifford were born in our workroom in Lyon. With solid oak legs, these two pieces have been upholstered by our craftsmen with a beautiful woolen shell. For the realization of the ottoman, our upholsterers have shown great dexterity to invisibly assemble the cushion to the oak structure. Without a doubt, the Clifford armchair and ottoman are a true call to rest and relaxation.

Asymmetry Armchair, sofa and ottoman:

A few years ago, our workroom created for Pierre Yovanovitch the Asymmetry armchair,  an emblematic piece of our collaboration. For the launch of Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier, the Asymmetry armchair - a medium version of the original Asymmetry chair - was created in our workshops.

The interior designer has adapted this design with the Asymmetry sofa, the fabrication of which was entrusted to our teams. The designers from our Design & Methods Studio worked long and hard alongside our craftsmen to see their 3D plans come to life. The entire sofa was upholstered in a textured beige fabric, and accessorized with a famous Ball cushion.

Pierre Yovanovitch imagined an ottoman resting on a beech wood structure. For the manufacture of this piece, our upholsterers worked on a complex foam filling composed of several varied densities which were adapted to ensure an optimal seating comfort. This ottoman was then entirely upholstered.

St Tropez sofa:

Composed of several modules attached together, the St Tropez sofa rests on a base in oiled solid oak. Its upholstered structure is covered with several back and seat cushions. The development of this piece of furniture was a real technical challenge for our teams, who had to show great dexterity to create the design.

MAD armchair:

Another iconic creation of our collaboration, the MAD armchair has a solid oak base and arms. The chair with its generous curves has been upholstered with several densities of foam and covered by our craftsmen with a looped fabric.

Clam chairs:

Completely filled with high resilience foam and upholstered by our teams in a mottled fabric which is available in five colors, the Clam chairs are composed of a frame and base made of oiled oak wood.

Mrs Oops Catherine Chair:

A true homage to Catherine Deneuve, this chair, upholstered by our artisans, has been beautified with handmade embroideries by Lesage. The precision work of these talented embroiderers has made it possible to personify the piece by giving it a feminine face. Pierre Yovanovitch demonstrates once again his eye for detail, by dressing Mrs. Oops Catherine's feet in walnut wood shoes.

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