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Castle of Pouy-sur-Vannes

Discover a wonderful project in a timeless place renovated by chilean-born decorator Juan Pablo Molyneux, who studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris.

Juan Pablo Molyneux

Juan Pablo Molyneux

"Jouffre has been working on my projects for ten years. It’s highly unusual to find professionals who wed unique artisanal savoir-faire with complete attunement to the modern world and its need for speed and efficiency." There is no traditional project without precious silkstuffs, dazzling trims and rare dyes. The upholsterer is the grand organizer of the fabric world that I design. Charles Jouffre breathes life into what is, to begin with, a mere idea. It is up to him to confer shape on the rolls of damasks and brocades, on the rope trims and gimp, and on the rosettes and bullion fringe with jasmines. As I list these wonderfully evocative terms, it seems to me that, like sailboating, the classic esthetic differs from contemporary decorative designs in its miles of sails, its highly distinctive language, and its beauty."

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The Castle of Pouy-sur-Vannes was owned by la Société des Membres de la Légion d’Honneur for 40 years. Juan Pablo Molyneux purchased and renovated the 12th-century castle in 2012.

Located in the French region Champagne-Ardenne, the castle is located at the heart of a 13-hectare park.

Over the past nine centuries, the Castle of Pouy-sur-Vannes has had many different uses: it was first turned into a fortress, then into a castle and finally became a private residence.
“Fearlessly opulent while fiercely grounded in classicism, Molyneux mixes periods, styles and patterns while always ensuring that every detail of a room vibrates in harmony”. (source:, April, 13th 2017)

Molyneux, who has tremendous knowledges in “art décoratifs” and extensive interests in textiles, reached out to our workshops for our particular skills in upholstery, window treatment and gainage.
Our artisans have performed gainage on the paneling of the Salon de Compagnie with a Sabina Fay Braxton white silk velvet. We can see the blue-grey reflections from the original paint through the fabric.

Our upholsterers also designed and fabricated the canopy bed of one of the guest bedrooms, which also received gainage. Our design office were inspired by Juan Pablo Molyneux’s sketches of the headboard. Designers were able to design the entire four-poster bed based on the sketches before having it fabricated by the upholstery department.

We are proud to have participated to the renovation of this timeless site, filled with history.

© Xavier Bejot

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