Paris Design Week 2023

At the "Savoir-Faire et Architecture" event during Paris Design Week last September, our upholstery ateliers, in collaboration with studio Biehler-Graveleine and Lesage Intérieurs, unveiled their first exclusive furniture collection.

Presented in the magical setting of Féau Boiseries, the highly confidential "Architecture Couture" exhibition was the first collaboration between Chanel's Maisons d'art du 19M and Invisible Collection. In a scenography entirely orchestrated by the talented duo Biehler-Graveleine, visitors could wander through Féau's labyrinth of seventeen magical rooms. These featured works by art houses such as Lesage Intérieurs, Goossens, Studio MTX and Maison Lemarié, combined with furniture by Invisible Collection.

On this occasion, the young studio founded by Marc-Antoine Biehler and Amaury Graveleine unveiled their first "Collins" furniture collection, created in collaboration with Lesage Intérieurs and our Maison. The collection features an armchair and an ottoman, inspired by the early 20th century. The creations stand out for their straight, eye-pleasing curves, upholstered and adorned with great dexterity by our craftsmen to achieve the desired seating comfort. Maison Lesage, meanwhile, has done a meticulous job of embroidery to ennoble the fabrics with different shapes made from wool combined with fabric embroidered in silver thread. "The design looks very uncluttered and simple, but we really have a "bilateral", "polyform" side, meaning that on the outside it's very ornate but on the inside it's more minimalist. This allows you to feel completely comfortable, intimate, almost in a confined and protected space," Amaury points out in an interview that you'll soon be able to discover on our website.

Our warmest thanks to Lesage intérieurs, Amaury and Marc-Antoine for their trust and for choosing such an exceptional venue to showcase our collective expertise and creations.

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