Par Excellence x Signature Singulières

"In the world of arts and crafts, to be ‘Made in France’ is synonymous with not only quality,
but also with prestige and tradition. "

- Associate Director of Par Excellence, Guillaume Bouchez

Founded in 2016 by Charles Jouffre, the New York showroom Par Excellence showcases all of the exceptional French savoir-faire crafts, bound for an international audience ever more fond of the "Made in France" label.

This showroom is located in the heart of Chelsea, and currently consists of Eight partners: Lison de Caunes, Declercq Passementiers, Ateliers Saint Jacques, Meljac, Ozone, Les Marbreries de la Seine, la Manufacture de Tapis de Bourgogne and Jouffre. They are considering adding two new artisans to that list by the end of the year.

Recently, Par Excellence also established a partnership with "Signatures Singulières", a magazine dedicated to the discovery of passionate creators, craftsmen and artists who contribute to a French art de vivre and exceptional savoir-faire.

In March of 2019, the showroom was featured in an article for the “Signatures Singulières” magazine. Interviewed by Claire Bossu-Rousseau, Guillaume Bouchez, the associate director of Par Excellence, tells us of the success French savoir-faire has had abroad.

France has had an incredible and international aura for such a long time, especially in the gastronomy and the tourism sectors, but plays her cards right in terms of the excellence of crafts.

“The Made in France movement is riding high, and our customers love it. What they like is the tradition from the Old Continent, associated with handmade work. They want unique pieces and in addition if it is made in France, well.. As I really like to say to our clients, working with Par Excellence means giving yourself a little piece of France in your New York penthouse!” - Guillaume Bouchez

Discover the article (in French) in the link below :


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