Jouffre is turning 30

The story began in 1987, in Lyon, the capital of the silk industry. Charles Jouffre, still at the beginning of his career, decided to create his own workroom where passion and excellence were the motto. As early as 1989, a showroom was opened in Paris to have a closer contact with the most famous and wanted decorators, who were becoming aware of Jouffre’s quality-driven work. In one decade, Jouffre saw his team of upholsterers and seamstresses increase as new talented craftsmen and women were joining the company with the same mindset as its founder: developing their own know-how to fuel innovation within traditional processes.

Very quickly, Jouffre managed to become a reference for high-end and luxury upholstery in the world of interior design, having proven unique expertise in all kinds of window treatment, furniture and techniques of wall-upholstery and gainage. In addition, there was something else that decorators were looking for when working with Jouffre: a constant dedication to detail and quality with a careful attention to client relationship.

This remarkable success in Europe triggered a growing demand from abroad with decorators starting to request the company’s savoir-faire for their projects worldwide, especially in the U.S. As a result, Jouffre decided in 1998 to go global and created an office in New York to better assist its clients on their American projects. Soon after, new collaborations followed with New York-based designers, expanding Jouffre’s scope of activity.

Meanwhile, in France, Jouffre was taken on even greater challenges with projects contributing to the French cultural heritage like the Paris Opera House in 2005 and French institutions such as the Elysee Palace in 2011. As a result of this constant dedicated work, almost 20 years after the company’s creation, Jouffre was awarded in 2006 the prestigious recognition of French know-how excellence called EPV for Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (‘Living Heritage Company’), as an acknowledgement of the care and passion shown to keep the French upholstery tradition alive. The EPV would be awarded a second time in 2012.

2014 was a turning point in Jouffre’s story. The company indeed grew its New York branch from an initial sales office to a fully operable workroom allowing a fabrication 100% made in the U.S. Within two years, the American team increased from 6 to 17 people reaching similar production capacities to Jouffre’s workshop in Lyon. In that same year, Charles Jouffre was awarded the Légion d’honneur, the highest recognition given by the State in France.

Through those two workshops, Jouffre has accomplished amazing projects around the globe and learnt to always go beyond the already-known techniques and find new ways to make original ideas from the most inspiring designers come true. Pierre Yovanovitch, Juan Pablo Molyneux, Robert Couturier or Olivier Gossart are among Jouffre’s long-lasting collaborations leading to various successful projects such as a chalet in Andermatt, a townhouse in Paris, an apartment on Fifth Avenue or a hotel in Courchevel.

For 30 years, Jouffre has always accepted new challenges, believed in continuous improvement and that change can bring positive outcomes.

Today, Jouffre is celebrating its 30th anniversary, looking forward to the future, strong of its past experiences. Techniques have evolved but core values have remained intact: quality first and excellence expertise to serve creativity.


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