AD Intérieurs 2018

Discover the realisations of the AD Intérieurs 2018 exhibition

Each year, French Architectural Digest magazine organizes “AD Intérieurs” exhibition in Paris, France. This displays of the salon are done by by famous interior designers and young talents in the parisian heritage monument.
With the theme “Rough and Precious”, the exhibition’s 9th edition invites visitors to visit the Hotel de la Bûcherie from September 5th to 23rd and discover the interiors imagined by the 15 interior designers who were selected by the AD magazine editorial board.

This year, three of the designers made use of Jouffre savoir-faire.

On the second floor of this parisian historical monument, Mathieu Lehanneur collaborated with New York-based showroom Par Excellence partners to conceive an immaculate, blue-spotted space. The French designer entrusted Jouffre to fabricate an armchair and two modular sofas. A pair of four panels covered with satin decorates the walls on each side of the pathway leading to Thierry Lemaire’s space.

Each pair of panels overhang a sideboard handmade entirely by Ateliers Saint-Jacques.
The first sideboard is covered with burnished aluminium, and the second in leather by Jouffre upholsterers. The atmosphere is serene and meditative, as the light coming through the window is softened by two blinds fabricated in Jouffre Lyon-based workrooms.

After passing by Stéphane Parmentier’s Mediation Room (“Rest Office”) on the third floor, we enter in Laura Gonzalez's Cercle du jeu (“Gaming Circle”).

The notable interior designer plays with the colors and materials to bring feelings of delight and and aura of softness to the space. The founder of Pravda Arkitect agency entrusted Jouffre to fabricate a layout of 42 drapes in varied colors and sizes.

The drapes were made in Pierre Frey fabrics. One of them, called “Palla multicolor”, was specially created by Laura Gonzalez for this event and brings a unique final touch of seventies’ spirit.

Behind Laura Gonzalez’s chiseled-glass trellised panel, we can discover a neo Art Déco smoking room created by the duo Humbert et Poyet.

To coat this structural, intimate and muted space, Emil and Christophe called on artisans from every field. Jouffre fabricated a seat cushion and two bolsters installed on a marble structure supplied by the designers. The items were realized in a beautiful mohair velvet from Pierre Frey.

This was a remarkably difficult feat, as the shape of the seat cushion is extremely thin and fits closely to the round shape of the bolsters.

AD Intérieurs 2018

September 5th to 23rd, 2018, 11 a.m-7 p.m

La Compagnie des Philanthropes
15, rue de la Bûcherie
75005 Paris

© Matthieu Salvaing

Discover in videos the realisations of the designer Mathieu Lehanneur:

The gallery


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